You don’t actually get the truth behind your life till it became at stake. The question that remains inside worrying me is: What do I wish for if I were on my deathbed? And if what I might wish for then is what I’m living to achieve now, or at least trying to walk towards it?!! I know I would not wish to keep working in a company all day until midnight. So why make my work there takes all of my time, and the time I’m supposed to spend with my family and my children.

I know I would not wish the presence of those with fake smiles in front of me. So why am I spending most of my time with them, at the coffee shop, work or anywhere else I go to?

Is there anything convincing me that I should give them my family time , the spare time in which I used to enjoy having hobbies, and even the time I spend with my old dearest friends? Also the time I dedicated to these wonderful new friends who I haven’t yet enjoy knowing. They don’t leave me the joy of starting new relationships with new people? What for?

This question pushes me to rearrange and revalue my priorities and my relationships.

I know when I’m on his deathbed I will minimize any real challenge that might confront me. So why give it an unnatural size it don’t deserve and enlarge it, making it a negative impact on my life.

I am sure I will be eager to talk loudly and express the huge amount of gratitude to my wife and embrace her tightly and say, ‘I love you. And I am proud of you, and God is witnessing’.

I’ll gather my children and my brothers, I’ll ask them to always love and care about each other. I’ll enjoy watching them , I’ll apologize for any unfairness or negligence towards them. I’ll call my friends and brothers to ask them for forgiveness if I ever hurt their feelings unwillingly someday.

I’ll go to my parents, sit humbly next to their feet and kiss their hands wishing they’ll be satisfied and proud of me.

I will appreciate the value of life and I’ll enjoy what I have, so why not living it that way now: delighted that I still exist, happy with all blessings that are surrounding me?

So why wait until that moment comes, when I am on that deathbed. Why set and follow my life tracks now as if they were the tracks I’m paving the moment of my death?

It’s the real moment when a person confront  himself , faces and assesses his life, only  then one discovers the true value Longley absent from his life course.

After being diagnosed with cancer and feeling that death is creeping towards him little by little, the novelist (Gabriel Marquez), wrote on his Web site a letter to his readers in which he said:

“Ah !!! If only God gave me another piece of life … I would’ve enjoyed it, even if it’s small, more than I enjoyed the rest of my previous age, I would’ve slept less, enjoyed my dreams more, and washed the flowers with my tears, I would’ve wrote all of my hatred on pieces of ice, and waited for sunrise to dissolve it, I would’ve  loved all human beings, and never spend a single day without telling  people that I love them, I would’ve convinced every man  that he’s my favorite, but unfortunately I’m on the edge of death and it’s about to take me …. !!!

From my book: “make your entire life a feast”


To your Success and Happiness