This title may seem a little strange, but it detains as much strangeness as the facts it  possesses inside. Every human being on this earth has an unlimited power and abilities, he only needs to discover it. The more effort you made to reach the maximum of your limits, your limits widen. Keep in your head that your abilities are similar to a raging ocean’s ability, or a newly discovered continent, or similar to a world of possibilities waiting for someone to knock on the door to be guided towards wonderful things, as says the famous spokesman and writer Brian Tracy.


But what happens is that the events keep dragging us around which turns off our enthusiasm, and we realize that we live in a vacuum, emptiness, and we feel we are lacking energy and not capable to progress by a single step.


The frustration is a sense of inability, a doubt of any success possibility, and the adoption of negative beliefs, it appears to be at first an obstacle, but it is actually a warning to renewal and develop our old life style, which drew an imaginary line restricting our ambition. Your  limits are endless and  its  renewal  gives your life a thousand senses of fun and success.


Your great chance may be where you are now, as Napoleon Hill kept always repeating, the writer of a wonderful book, “Think and you’ll grow Rich”


The bottom line is that the moments of confusion we encounter in our lives, is nothing but a open psychic invitation to open up to new horizons in life, and the chance to experience another method that leads us to success .unfortunately a lot of people do not know how  read these signs when it visit them, It may be an opportunity to a full liberalization of the internal strength, that it’s very simple, you can quickly make a huge difference in the quality of your life , faster than you could ever imagine.


Make sure that your life improves only when you get better, and there’s no end to what you can achieve, or do , or you get when you discover your abilities and liberate them, and if you want to improve the quality of your outside world you must develop yourself. And because there are no limits to the amount of improvement, there’re no limits to your life’s development.


Our duty as human beings, men and women, is to proceed as if there were no limits to our abilities, as says Perry Hardy de Shardin… so touching.


To Your Success and Happiness