Happiness is a perfume that you can’t sprinkle on people around you without getting  some   drops of it sticking on you, it depends on what you can give, not on what you can get.

Here is a one of the greatest thinkers, Sayyid Qutb saying: “We are living double live when we live for others, as far as we double our sense for others, we double our sense of our lives, and our life itself doubles in the end.” It’s a real beautiful thing to be a human to a human being.

Be generous with a particular smiley face, a person who wants to make others happy doesn’t only  think of himself, he comes out of his small dusty structure to the vast universe, he expands the  perceptions of his heart to accommodate all creations in purpose to satisfy  the master of all creatures. Giving with love is the real success, it is a good measure of success to know the number of those whom you  made happy, do not be afraid, Whenever you give back you’re awarded ,  good is returned to you even more, which as well  increases the desire of people to help you.


Sheikh Tantawi says about : “If you like to savor world most amazing pleasures, and the sweetest hearts’ joy ,give love and emotions as you give money” and he goes on finishing spinning the sense, he says: ” the Heart is home of the two holiest things in existence: faith and love, but the helpless and envious mind won’t  be able to understand love , nor recognize faith. ”


So , my beloved friend, give of your time, from your mind, from your money . From your love and your feelings. If you do not open up, hands, sensations and mind, we will continue to be as spiny plants, not foliating neither blooming, and our hearts will remain continents of salt no single green branch will come out of there. A land of sadness and despair as described in the Koran. So why deprive ourselves from getting happiness and broadcasting it?


Do whatever you’re capable of to spread good, with every mean in your possession and in every way possible. Whenever you have the chance, to target the largest number of people, for as long as possible. Your reward will be an absolute success and a full happiness.


Don’t hold back an honest sweet word, the Japanese proverb says: “a single sweet word can make three winter months, warm months.”

Do not skimp; give whatever you can give,

as the British writer Shakespeare says: “If you share sorrows it increases, but if you share joys it doubles.”

Give madly and follow what John Bunyan says: “There was a man, was said to be crazy, whenever he gave more he possessed more.”

Life from its beginning to its end, is a combination of humanitarian situations. And our world has become so full of crisis and psychological pressure, out of which good souls come out holding a candle that illuminates the paths of goodness. Giving love to others. Giving it unconditionally. Lends a hand for help . Shakes off the pain off people as the autumn shakes yellow trees’ leaflets off their branches. There’s no cooler thing in this life than sowing hope in the soul of a desperate man, and no better than holding a  lost man’s hand  to guide his steps to the right way.

Here’s a story that will make you live this luxury meaning :


“There was a king living in severe misery, he knew after a while that there is a man who lives on the mountain who has nothing to wear but a shirt , if worn by someone he immediately becomes happy , because the clothes worn by a  happy man will make you happy as well  .

So the king went to the man and asked him for the shirt against anything he might  require, the man kept  looking at him calmly and then gave him the shirt and told him: I do not want anything from you just take what you want, the King surprised not knowing what to say , took the shirt …

A week later the King’s miseries increased, so he went back to the man and said to him: I have taken the your happiness shirt, but I am still unhappy and you are still happy, why?

The man said to him: you have come here with the wrong idea, I was not happy because of the shirt but because I was satisfied and content of what I have , and you have come just to take, although,  happiness is in the  giving not  the taking, you took and you became miserable  I on the other hand have  given and became happy . ”

Glory to who created giving as a man.

To your success and happiness