“You become what you think about it” Strange words yet quiet clear,

Strange because it links human thinking with his life path and clear because each one of us now is born out of his ideas, his future depends on his current ideas.

If you’re fed up with your Limited life. Here is the key to your future:

Fill your thoughts’ garden with roses, make every idea in your mind a verse of beauty, enjoy the great wonders of thoughts and reflections, be a beautiful thinker…

According to the law of focus, which is the most important law with which your subconscious mind works out, if you focus on any passing idea you’ll get to watch it grow , your  mind sticks to it and remains looking for what to associate to it , so if it was beautiful  it overflows and reflects on your mind , but if it wasn’t the case , things go the other way around…

What goes on your mind will come out, so , in which level  do you want to record yourself ?? seek greatness with your thoughts, read about  great people so you become one of them, look for ideas that changed the world and learn from them, history is a sea  and scientists ‘minds  are rivers poring wisdom on it , so water your land’s  thirst with their rain and Make your glimmering roses grow in your mind’s garden , if not now ,after a while.

“You will never rise higher than your thinking,” well said words of a British president.

The act is fortuitous, born of the moment, the human acts and deeds will never exceed the limits of his thinking.

For that, all ideas are formed and shaped through the reality of life , thoughts are what builds your world. Dr. Ibrahim al-Fekihi got it right when he once said, “the thought causes a reality of the same kind at the time of its occurrence, and this reality expands and spreads.”

So promise yourself to not except but beauty in your mind, to  know that the best part of your life is not yet completed, stick to beauty  in your mind  from now on now and higher up your standards , so you enjoy it later on …

You will never rise higher than you thinking

To your Success and Happiness