Caught in the wheel of life, stuck in its events. And we forget that we’re losing within us little by little our lives.

Working conditions, the difficulty of dealing with our bosses, the challenges of studies and the difficulty of keeping up with some professors.

The challenges within our families that inhabited customs and traditions more than they cherished the meanings of faith and noble human values . All of these are things that makes us consume our lives, and get a vision that becomes little by little fuzzier.

We remain blundering in pressure and waves of nervous breakdowns, so that the word “happiness” becomes a luxury ideal thing, and all of those who talk about it considered  as perfect people, not realistic, as if they liv in the Farabi’s  Utopia. This is an indication that we’re diving entirely in the maze of life and that we lost ourselves.


Is this human going to be happy in his life?

Can a person who lives like this be trusted with his life?

Most of all, the important question is: How do we get out of this murderous madness?

Isn’t he supposed to be looking for an answer to this question?

The spreading speed of this life style is insane and it keep increasing day after day, it’s the style for finding as much in less time and as soon as possible. It has also become an urge for  us to produce more, and have more, especially that it has it equivalent , a similar idea that consumed in companies and factories: “producing the largest amount in less time.” Modern technology by all its weight supported this principle. But the poor man has become destroyed not knowing with what to start and what to delay.


Could you ask yourself, poor man, about the amount of energy and time you put in every area of your life: spirituality, health, personal, family, social, professional, material.


If you were uncertain in your answer, take some time to ask yourself about your role? As a husband? As a student? As a worker? And as a human being?


Get back your whole life areas, it has been stolen from you. Ask yourself: What is the most important thing in my life right now? Without hesitating in your answer, write down the things that takes most of your time.


Now ask yourself: What is the most important thing in my life already?

Your health, your children, your family , your growth and your personal progress …


The answer to the first question reflects your wrong beliefs and the disorder of your roles and what you experience in your life.

The second answer is the compass of your life and the standard in your current experiment.

And that if the first answer was identical to the second answer, you are one of the few lucky people in this life.


The words, phrases, ideas and meanings that we’re talking about in this book are reality, the real truth. If your days are passing and you’re not think about these meanings, you will notice them becoming weeks, and the weeks turn to months, without feeling, you will reach the end of your life, not living yet what you want to live and experience . Pay attention to the real steal, yes, your life is being stole.


Pay attention to the real steal, your life stolen.

 To your Success and Happiness