The possession of money is something beautiful and noble as long as the money serves its owner, and provide him with some kind of comfort and decent living. But when the person’s thinking becomes haunted by money, not having a purpose except chasing it , depriving himself the joy and fun of spending time with his children , listening and sitting with his wife, and even  spending with himself through personal meditation and reading books of wisdom, only then money becomes the owner of its  owner, uses him to keep collecting and to enter in the space of its appeal, it becomes an obstacle , and it starts stopping him to fly towards his true happiness’s Heaven.


Money is so appealing , so attractive , it is just like Earth’s gravity, and it  prevents  its owner to live happy, enjoy life and reach higher, what I mean here is the permanent eagerness to collect the money, we find people going on circles , spending their life being in a race game to raise money, seemingly oblivious to their health, not paying attention to their family and life.


How beautiful is the saying of Shiv Keira: “Money may buy fun not happiness, may buy the medicine, not health.” This is an invitation to stop and look at our lives, it is our highest purpose , it’s a call for the freedom from all constraints that bind us with  crazy movements to remain slaves.


All that is important , useful and wonderful in this  life is given to us for free ,completely free of any charge: our dreams, our aspirations, our soul, our body, our intelligence, our love, our children, our family, our friends. So why do we look away when it concerns these important staff that really matter and keep focusing our whole thinking on money. This is a wakeup  call for liberation.

Take of those shackles and go.

Congratulations, this is your new life !!


All that is important, useful and wonderful in this life is given to us for free!!

To your Success and Happiness