“I would like to express my sincere admiration for the glamorous motivational speaker Les Brown, for four words I heard from him, in which he says:” live full and die empty.”  Words pronouncing the truth. It has been commented by Louis Braille nicely when he wrote: “what is in my mind and what controls my thoughts, and live in my heart and flows through my veins and my blood, should get out for life.” A glamorous idea.

Listening to your inner music that your being keeps playing is one of the finest arts of life.

It guides the way to your interior success. It makes your direction in life.

Each one of us has an inner music that appears on the form of hopes, dreams and ambitions.


Any man can live his entire live without connecting with the vibrations of his real life, with the objectives for whose he was born to achieve. He uses two eyes to see what is going on in around his world and forgets to consider a third eye between the eyebrows which has no  role but to control his feelings and understand them, and to hear his music and connect it to outside his world, in order to harmonies with the entire universe.

You can imagine how much I was surprised when I found a plate on the way of life in which is written: disaster! To die and your energy lies latent in there. A phrase that  makes me flabbergasted and  shocked .


All of my books and articles are a bunch of explicit expressions  coming out inside of my inner music , when  I try to live according to the rhythm of melodies I hear and  I send to the universe as a person who  contributes in spreading  beauty ,positive energy, hope , love and happiness all over the world.


Live full and die empty


To your success and happiness