In order to help you reflect on your life, let me ask you these questions, which had a great impact on my life:


Are you happy with what you have reached now?

Is there space for dreams in your life?

Are your goals still finding you struggling to reach them ?

Do you practice a job that you adore enjoy?

Do you enjoy spending lovely time each day with your family?

Is your health excellent?

Do you breathe correctly?

What kind of food do you eat? Is it useful for your body?

What kind of impact you want to leave it in this world?

How did you live these last 24 hours? Are you happy? Did you live to achieve your goals in life? Or did you live for just living?

Your answer to these questions put your life under a microscope and give you a clear vision about the way you exercise your  life.


Before you start thinking deeply about these questions , try to get rid of your cell phone and all possible kinds of  hassle or disruption in your surroundings.


To Your Success and Happiness